The Benefits of Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation Techniques™ activates inhibited muscles to create stability around a joint so that it can move to its full potential. This creates feelings of freedom and ease of movement with added strength and control.

The practice of these techniques utilises a system of checks and balances to find areas of instability which can cause compensation when recovering from injury, in day to day movement and sporting performance. In essence it is a missing link in traditional forms of therapy and exercise training methods. For how MAT applies to you read on and for more information on terms such as muscle weakness, instability and compensation see the section on how MAT works.

Bridging the gap between Treatment, Fitness and Lifestyle

Bridging the gap with MATWe often seek forms of therapy such as chiropractic, osteopathy, sports massage and physiotherapy which offer relief from the major symptoms. The focus (as this is naturally the priority) can be largely on the symptom rather than addressing the associated muscular imbalances that underlie and preceded a chronic problem or the compensations in movement that may develop from an acute injury.

Muscle Activation Techniques™ come in as these forms of treatment leave off. This ensures you have a faster more effective recovery and the stability and strength to handle the demands of your day to day lifestyle.

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Everyday Living

MAT can help with everyday livingAs children we are extremely pliable and can start stop, turn from one direction to the next without thought, almost like having the full alphabet of A-Z in movement. As we get older we tend lose this array of movement. At the extreme it can become increasingly like watching someone walking on ice e.g. hesitant of sudden movements, slower in direction change, shorter strides.

Even if not to this extreme most of us will find we don’t move as fluidly as we used to, we have more and more little aches and it takes longer to recover from the big ones. Muscle Activation Techniques™ uses a system to check your levels of support which we can lose as we age and restores stability as a form of recovery. The effect of this is ease of movement and keeping your body feeling young.

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Improving Exercise and Sporting Performance

MAT can improve your sporting performance and exerciseControlled range of motion is vital to ALL sports. Joint and muscular stability means the ability to hold or transform from one position to the next with a natural ability to control elements of balance, speed, strength and power. This ability has a big impact on performance, training, recovery and injury prevention allowing you to be at your best.

Muscle Activation Techniques™ fills a gap in conventional training methods. It acts as a pit stop between games and training sessions complementing your existing training, allowing you to work harder and recover faster to raise performance levels and keep you in the game.

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The 3 step approach to MAT™

  1. Appraisal of muscular imbalances through range of motion testing
  2. Treatment of inhibited muscles using palpation and isometric exercise
  3. Prescriptive exercises for self management

For more detailed information about each step of the Muscle Activation process click here


"I have had a series of 1 hour sessions with Owen concentrating on my right shoulder. I had experienced for many years pain in my neck and a tightening of muscles on my right side, after the sessions I’ve had no problems.

Repeating the exercises supplied by Owen has improved my suppleness and I now do not have to take pain killers.

I would recommend MAT to a number of my friends in fact have already done so."
Chris. O

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