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Testimonials from Golfers

"At 63 years of age I have suffered from frequent lower back pain for around 13 years. During this time I have been almost immobilised by severe muscle spasm on at least 6 occasions. In reality this meant that any movement was extremely painful and in the earlier episodes I confined myself to bed. I later learnt that it was better to try to keep moving but found walking excruciating. Each time I recovered to relative normality without a week or two but the underlying weakness and minor pain still remained.

In the early days of this period I visited a chiropractor some 40 times over a 15 month timescale. The area he focussed on was the sacroiliac joint Pain was particularly severe and continuous at the time and although the treatment brought some relief the specialist could not get to the bottom of the cause. X-rays revealed no helpful information.

I then turned to physiotherapy through the NHS. Part of the treatment offered was self help by using a series of exercises to strengthen the core muscles. This seemed to help initially but it did not lead to a complete recovery.

Two or three years ago I persuaded the NHS to give me an MRI scan. Unfortunately this didn’t provide any useful data, it merely confirmed that the condition is related to soft tissue and muscles rather than the vertebra.

2. .Muscle Activation Techniques

Twelve months ago someone suggested that Owen Hedicker might be able to help. At the consultation appointment I was struck by the logic and plausibility of the approach and committed to an initial 5 sessions.

My aim was to able to carry out day to day activities without abnormal pain and certainly without suffering spasm. In particular I wanted to be able to play golf again. This  had been out of the question for the previous 3 years.

Since seeing Owen I have made considerable progress. I have been able to be able to carry out activities such as gardening and lifting with greater effort and without repercussions. I have also recently managed to play golf again which is something I thought would not be possible a year ago.

To supplement the sessions which have been reduced to maintenance appointments Owen has given me some exercises to carry out on a daily basis. I am convinced that these have aided the process.  I have also suffered some difficulties in the last year walking distances of over 10 miles on consecutive days due to long-term knee ligament damage. Owen has given me some valuable advice on managing recovery in this regard, a principle that can also be applied to any back aches which might occur from time to time.

3. Conclusion

There is no doubt in my mind that Owen’s techniques have led to a significant improvement in my ability to carry out day to day activities and enabled me to play golf again.

I would therefore strongly recommend Muscle Activation Technique to anyone that has tried treatments such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy and had limited success."
John Course

"Owen has made a big difference to my golf, by seemingly doing nothing my power and consistency has improved."
Martin Butcher, PGA Professional,  Former European Tour Player

"I first met Owen and MAT in June 2010 when he gave a free session at the golf club. I had a follow up session to see if the technique would enable me to become more flexible and advance my golf skills.
After several sessions I did indeed become more flexible and was able to hit the golf ball further. I won the net competition at our Ladies championship in July partly by more consistent hitting of the golf ball.
An unexpected side effect was that I can now take of jumpers and t shirts easily where I was definitely struggling to lift my arms before.
Over the passed 6 months I have  developed more flexibility and the ability to recover from the odd strain in muscles has speeded up. I would definitely recommend Owen and MAT to anyone who feels they are stiffening up and who suffer from the odd ache and pain as it has certainly worked for me."
Lyndsay Dolphin, 2010 South Winchester Ladies Net Championship Winner

"I came to Owen looking to improve my power in the golf swing. Owen found some muscles that were tight and not functioning properly which was stopping me doing what I wanted in my golf. After a series of sessions with Owen I was no longer having to compensate in my golf swing anymore and I was able to get in the positions I have been working on. In particular at impact I was much stronger and staying in my posture which I never used to be able to do. Cheers Owen!!"
Aaron Wright, County Level Golfer

"I first came across Owen whilst he was helping the golf pro at our club with his swing.  Owen reviewed my own swing.  I wanted to extend my swing which was restricted due to a long standing back problem for some 30years.  I had 5 sessions with Owen which improved flexibility and strengthend muscles in the lower back enabling me to extend the swing.  This was of benefit when using the driver by increasing the distance off the tee by some 30 yards.

Overall my wellbeing has also improved along with my general physical fitness."
Paul Fenner.

A word from Owen:

Using feedback from Paul and his golf pro it was easy to tell that Paul was overusing his arms in his swing.  He had little rotation through the mid and upper back although additionally was very conscious of the his lower back due to a history of problems.  The lack of rotation through the trunk meant he had to overuse his arms.

Using the MAT protocol for looking at muscle balance rather than the symptoms we actually highlighted a big limitation at the left hip and this had an immediate impact upon opening up the throracic spine (mid/upper back) whilst additionally supporting the lower back.  Hip rotation is vital for golf and can take strain off the back when playing, so the benefits were very quick.

"I am 59 years old and am fit and active.  I play golf as often as possible with a handicap of 11.  For the past few years, after sitting for 20-30 minutes I suffered with a painful right hip.  It was also painful when lying in bed.

To try and relive the pain I had seen a chiropractor a physiotherapist, had numerous massages – nothing worked.  I had x-rays, mri scans and a full body bone scan and no faults were found.

I saw Owen a few months ago after giving up with other treatments.  I am so glad I found him – we have worked on a range of muscles in my back shoulders, stomach, ankles and legs.  I did not know muscles could become inactive in the body.

My hip is better than it has been in years and my golf swing rotation has improved with better stability.  MAT is a fascinating therapy that really works.  I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks Owen."
Derek Osgood.

A word from Owen:

Derek presented a typical case for MAT.  He has been around the block with respect to other forms of treatment for his hip pain.  It wasn’t that these treatments had not worked, merely they only gave him short term relief. 

Chiropractic work had identified and worked with an imbalance at his pelvis, physiotherapy had identified him as having very tight hamstrings and hip muscles and he had also been working in pilates to strengthen his core muscles.

As a step on from this we hypothesised that perhaps the muscles were tight and painful because they were doing a job protecting instability in the body and that compression (sitting, lying, massage) and stretching were possibly agitating the muscle after short term relief. 

In terms of range of motion some movements were indeed painful both in movement and in holding the position.  In this particular case we actually worked around the area adding stability to the torso and in subsequent sessions his lower leg. 

Importantly this is different from the stability added in conventional training such as core work and pilates as these methods will sometimes only strengthen the muscles that are already strong*. 

*MAT tests for whether muscles can regulate tension and contract on demand.

This approach appeared to add support and take the strain off of the hip and in subsequent sessions we could test for and add support direct to the area.  The basis of this method is an understanding of how the body compensates for instability.  A simple analogy is that of a suspension bridge; if some of the support fails more stress is placed elsewhere on the bridge and suspension.  The bridge itself may present as a problem but cannot be resolved without rebuilding the support underneath and ensuring the suspension is solid.

From an MAT perspective, treatment has been successful as stability has been restored as shown in the muscle testing alongside improvements in range of motion throughout Derek’s body.  From Derek’s perspective MAT has been successful because he is not in pain, feels great and has a better golf swing!