About Owen Hedicker

Owen (pictured right) has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years working in the Spirit Health Club and David Lloyd gym chains, before working for himself.  He has a passion for being able to design training programmes to improve peoples’ physical performance whether it be for sports, fitness or making everyday life easier.

Owen's mission statement

To enable people to have body confidence in the way they look, feel and move!

Owen's thoughts on MAT and Personal Training

Owen's thirst for answers has meant accumulating a wealth of knowledge and expertise for various forms of training but specialises in corrective exercise to improve movement for all levels of client.

Muscle Activation

Owen had been puzzled, finding that some people excel through traditional forms of exercise and stretching whilst some people stay static and others can get worse. In 2007 he had a light bulb moment when Muscle Activation Techniques™ was presented as a missing piece of the puzzle at a fitness professionals’ conference in Loughborough. MAT proposed that due to weakness and joint instability the body protected itself through muscle tightness and compensation in movement. In conventional training this led to the strong muscles becoming stronger and the weak remaining weak. This explained the variable results in individual clients and led to Owen travelling to the states to under go the internship and become the first UK qualified MAT specialist.

He indeed believes that MAT has filled a gap in the traditional training and exercise methods and currently works as a Muscle Activation and Exercise Specialist practicing in Eastleigh, Southampton, Winchester in Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Personal Training

In addition to specialising in Muscle Activation Techniques™ and movement, Owen offers personal training.

Who is personal training for?

How does personal training work?

Step 1) Consultation for:
Lifestyle, nutrition and exercise appraisal – where are you now?
Goal setting – where would you like to be?

Step 2) Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle

Exercise:  At your level for your needs

Nutrition:  Looking at energy balance, habits, food quality and digestion.

Lifestyle:  Fitting in exercise and nutrition in with the demands and expectations of your roles as parent, worker, friend, individual, family member etc

3 phases of change through lifestyle, nutrition and exercise
We work together to take you through the three phases of change where people often fall down.  In the first phase you are self motivated and will feel different with an increased sense of well being.  Following this you start to see changes in your appearance and look different (people often fail here due to a miss-match in expectations of results, training effects, or life demands).  The last phase is when you start being the changes that you have made; this was the aim and is now the norm for you.

How you choose to benefit from personal training is up to you i.e. from a course of sessions to get going, or regular top up sessions.

Qualifications Attained

Owen Hedicker